Our Operations department provides all the usual services related to the commercial operation of the fleet.
It performs and monitors the proper dissemination of information and voyage instructions to the vessels, the appointment of port agents and other necessary arrangements.
Our personnel continuously act on all post fixture requirements, in accordance with charter parties, providing the necessary cooperation with the Charterers so as to complete each voyage successfully providing top service to our clients.

Insurances & Claims Handling

Through our long standing connections we arrange coverage for all marine risks and liabilities with first class Underwriters and Clubs.
Our qualified personnel undertake the full handling of all types of claims and disputes should such need arises.

Planned Maintenance System

We are implementing an electronic Planned Maintenance System for each vessel under our management for efficient proactive control and planning of vessel's maintenance and performance resulting to maximisation of Owners' earnings.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our team of experienced Naval Architects and Engineers undertake the supervision of repairs and maintenance works ensuring the achievement of the highest possible standards in accordance with Class requirements and environmental regulations set by the relevant authorities.

Dry Dockings & Surveys

We undertake the supervision of vessel's surveys all over the world, using our close connections with reputable shipyards.
We provide accurate planning and prompt completion of all surveys with the scope of achieving the best technical result in competitive terms ensuring uninterrupted service for our clients.

Compliance Audits

Our safety/security/mlc personnel is monitoring compliance with ISM Code, ISPS Code, Maritime Labour Convention and Flag requirements and undertakes the planning and conducting of all compliance audits, as well as the implementation of both Codes and Conventions on board the vessels.

Bunkering & Supplies

We ensure prompt economical delivery of bunkers and lubricants to our fleet worldwide and also undertake the supplying of vessel's necessary spares, stores and provisions using efficient and tested for quality international suppliers.


We strongly believe that shipboard personnel is one of the most important tools of success of shipmanagement.
We outsource the recruitment of competent motivated and trained seafarers of primarily South East Asian and Eastern Europeans, to specialists that are leaders in the field, who have offices and training facilities in the locations of recruitment, as well as a dispute resolution service that prevents any incidents on board, causing delays to the vessels.


We value transparency in our reporting system to Owners.
We provide all the regular accounting services, including budgeting, collecting vessel's income, checking and settlement of DAs, incurring payments, issuing audited and unaudited financial statements.


We provide full chartering services to our clients, from seeking and negotiating fixtures until conclusion of charter parties.
We aim to secure the best available employment options to Owners in accordance with vessel's specific type and trade.


Our management team undertakes to negotiate shipbuilding contracts with shipyards worldwide providing all necessary requirements for the fulfilment of such contracts.
Our experienced team of Naval Architects and Engineers undertakes the entire process of newbuilding projects, from their inception up until the time of delivery.

Sale & Purchase

We provide full services for sale and purchase projects, including identifying suitable vessels, arranging pre-purchase inspections, developing and executing sale and purchase agreements, arranging change of class or flag.

Financial Services

Our management has over the years established relationships with major international financial institutions through which various forms of financing can be arranged.
Our company can develop strategies on case by case basis should such service is required by our customers.